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Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting system: The Solar Home Lighting system consists of a compact energy storage device which can power Fan, Lights and Mobile charger completely by Solar power. The innovation in this project is the use of advanced control circuit electronics and special packaging material of the system which makes it robust for any temperature conditions. When paired with the our advanced Lithium Ion battery, the home lighting system can provide electricity to run LED bulbs, DC fans and mobile charger units for more than 8 hours daily upto 7 years without any maintenance.

Our Home Lighting Systems have improved the lives of people living in villages which are still unelectrified and even electrified villages which have load shedding problem. Solar home lights installed by us in Village Anganbadi Kendras are used to power fans and lights for students in classrooms which have resulted in increase in school admission. Also our Home Lights are installed in Primary Health Clinics and Community Health Clinics which resulted increased incoming patients and lowered mortality rates. Lighting helps to promote cleanliness and safety for women and girl children and creates a positive social impact in their lives.