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Chartered Engineering
Is the Fastest Growing Startup of Central India
Solar for Commercial and Industrial units
We support our farmers
Solar for residential buildings

Why Us

We promise to make solar a hassle-free purchase, so that you enjoy its benefits for 25 years

Whether you’re looking to energise your home or business, we are a one-stop-shop for all things solar. Chip in towards a greener world.

Chartered engineering helps you get the best of resources by studying your energy requirements carefully and comes with a custom-designed solution of unquestionable quality.

If you are looking for finance or EMI options, we have them covered. Save loads on your electricity bill and realise the cost in an average of 7 to 10 years.

We make sure that your journey with solar is user friendly and easy-going. Our company holds a reputation for smooth post-sale service.

Solar water drinking system has provided access to clean drinking water in far-off remote locations.

We are empanelled to provide you subsidy.

Save Up To 40% Yearly With Our Most Popular Solar System


Providing support for small or large installations in the Chhattisghar region


Introducing our customers to leading finance and capital platforms


We are fully authorised to handle your warranty claim

About Us.

Our mission is to enable and support people across India to move towards clean energy with a range of high-quality solar products from some of the leading brands from around the globe.